Tax Law of Switzerland

Tax Law of Switzerland can be very beneficial to natural and legal entities. Simultaneously it would be wrong to think those advantages are granted automatically, i.e. without a tax strategy. Because tax issues are legal issues, a Swiss lawyer should elaborate the tax strategy.

Within my legal practice, I advise you inter alia about following matters:

  • Tax consequences of immigration into and emigration from Switzerland;
  • Declaration of your foreign incomes and assets and avoidance of a double taxation in Switzerland and another state;
  • Choose of a tax advantageous place to live in Switzerland or a seat to register a company;
  • Swiss lump-sum taxation;
  • Tax optimization of the 3rd pillar;
  • Tax consequences of the marriage/divorce or a separation.

Marad Widmer, LL.M. (Geneva), Managing Partner of the Widmer Strategy GmbH. Bachelor and Master in Swiss Law (Universities of Berne and Zurich). Languages: German, English, Russian and Italian. Member of the Swiss Lawyers Association (SJV/SSJ/SSG). Author of the Portal „Business in Switzerland“.