Swiss Resident Permit

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A Swiss resident permit is required for any foreign citizen if he or she works in Switzerland or if he or she remains in our country for longer than 3 months. Cantonal migration offices issue permits depending on circumstances.

There is a difference between

  • short-term residence permits (less than 1 year),
  • annual residence permits (limited), and
  • permanent residence permits (unlimited).

Typical grounds for a Swiss resident permit to be issued:

  • Family reunion;
  • Labor / Work contract;
  • Education;
  • Investments;
  • Retirement in Switzerland;
  • Lump-sum taxation.

Please consider that Swiss resident permit requirements are different depending on the citizenship of foreigners and/or their relatives.

The Swiss immigration law is one of the core fields of my practice. So I am ready to help you in nonstandard and problematic cases.

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